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Module Positions

This page is displaying all the available module positions for the Enterprise template. You probably won't want your page to look anything like this, but the variations in module styles and positions will help you to familiarize yourself with the possible options. You can see all available module positions by taking a look at the Module Map.


Module Map

Modules are the sideblocks that appear outside of the main content area. The module manager allows you to choose which individual pages they will appear on, control various settings, and styling options.

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960 Grid Layout

Enterprise is set to the 960 grid layout--which is fast-becoming the industry standard for modern website design & layout. Enterprise harnesses the power of the 960 Grid Layout by providing you with options to adjust your site's column widths and layout on the fly.

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Custom Parameters

The Enterprise template allows you to adjust your template to your needs - and all from the template parameters, without ever having to look at CSS.

Read on to learn about the great features this template has to offer, and why we think it could fit your needs perfectly.

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This is an example of the several different styles that this template uses.

Click read more to view the examples.

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Top Menu Setup

Enterprise comes with suckerfish CSS.

To set up the top menu, set your desired menu module to be published in the 'topmenu' position, and match the following settings. Continue reading for examples of Top Menu Setup

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